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House Cleaning Services

Our trained teams of professional cleaning specialists will tackle dirt, dust and grime and leave your home shining. We provide top quality residential house cleaning services throughout Miami and Broward. We are hardworking, reliable and always focus on details.

Housekeeping Service - Housekeeping Miami

Let Uppkeeping Pro Cleaning Services assist you with one task always on your list - housecleaning, with occasional cleaning services. This might be seasonal cleaning, quarterly cleaning, a one-time cleaning, or "as needed" service for special events like parties and out-of-town overnight guests. Just give us a call and we'll get your home scheduled for service.

Maid Service

With regular, recurring maid service from Uppkeeping Pro Cleaning Services, you will never have to worry about the unexpected. If guests drop in, your home will be clean and ready! Consider the time you spend each week on your home and how you could better spend it by having it professionally maintained. Uppkeeping Pro Cleaning Services offers weekly, every-other-week, and monthly service specifically priced to fit your needs. By using the same maid service, we will know your home, your needs and your priorities.

House Cleaning Housekeeping and Maid Service in Miami

Move-In / Move-Out Home Cleaning Services

Whether you’re moving in or out, Uppkeeping Pro Cleaning Services will have your new or old residence sparkling by the end of the day. Let us get your old home ready for staging, or provide first clean-up after you’re settled into your new one.